5300 Lomas blvd NE Albuquerque NM 87110

           Hi! Welcome to Cesar’s, the only Mexican and Greek restaurant  in the world. We are serving two different menus, simultaneously delicious, through the drive thru and dining area 24 hours a day. Cesar’s delivers the highest quality and performance to satisfy your appetite and expectations. All of Cesar’s products are made daily, from scratch, with only the freshest ingredients. We have been dedicated to you and our goal is to make the most delicious food so you will never forget our name. Cesar’s has been operating 24 hours a day since 1995, closing for only half a day on Christmas. That’s how strong our commitment is to serving you the most delicious Mexican and Greek food.

I’m proud to introduce to you, the Mexican and Greek tradition!


​​We are cookingvery delicious food 24 hrs.

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Complaints in Person With The Food No Cash Refunds